Co-wash your hair before installing it.

Always comb out your hair before washing it.

Shampoo or co-wash hair at least once to twice a week.

If your hair feels heavy or oily please use our Ultra Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner. Always wash and condition hair in a downward motion.

Squeeze out excess water and air dry hair.

Always comb hair with a wide tooth comb or our Beauty Bling Brush. Begin combing small sections at the ends, working up towards the scalp.

Refrain from using greasy or oily products in your hair because it will weigh the hair down.

After washing and conditioning your hair we recommend using our Ultra Hydration Shine Serum.

Prior to going to bed, we recommend you wrap, braid, plait, pin curl or put your hair in a bun.

Never go to sleep on wet hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed. Sleep on a satin/silk pillow case or with a satin/silk cap or scarf.  

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Shampoo your Beauty Bundles by Beholder EL clip in hair extensions after 4-5 uses. It is best to shampoo hair extensions as infrequently as it is hygienically possible. It is advisable that you only shampoo your hair extensions when it appears dull or beginning to acquire odor. This is because, unlike your natural hair, hair extensions no longer receive natural oils from the scalp, and shampooing them more than is necessary will dry them out. Never wash your Beauty Bundles by Beholder EL clip in hair extensions while it is attached to your head. Use cool (room temperature) water to wet the hair gradually and shampoo it in a downward motion, stroking from weft to base. Never rub, scrub or twist the hairs! Your Beauty Bundles by Beholder EL clip in hair extensions do not receive oils from your scalp like your natural hair does. Make sure that you pamper it with our Ultra Hydration Condtioner after washing.  Let the hair dry naturally by laying them dry on a clean towel to save on the amount of heat exposure. Just like your Beauty Bundles by Beholder EL clip in hair extensions, your natural hair also prefers to air-dry without the aid heat, as heat an damage cuticles. Opt out of using blow dryers as often as possible.  


Use a wide tooth comb or a loop brush when combing your clip in hair extensions. A loop brush is especially designed for hair extensions because their bristles are looped so they do not pull on the extensions, but instead, brush all the way to the scalp gliding smoothly through hair. When combing/brushing, work your hair from the ends carefully moving upwards towards the weft. As with your Beauty Bundles by Beholder EL clip in hair extensions, brush your natural hair from ends to roots to detangle properly and prevent breakage. Brush or comb in a downwards motion once hairs are tangle free. Never brush or comb your hair extensions when wet.  


Our Beauty Bundles by Beholder EL clip in hair extensions are 100% virgin human hair so they can be curled and straightened just like your natural hair. Like your natural hair, heat can damage your clip-in's cuticles, so always use our heat-protect products to keep your hair (natural and clip-ins) healthy and shiny.  


Never sleep with your Beauty Bundles by Beholder EL clip in hair extensions clipped on. Not only is this uncomfortable but this can pull on your natural hairs but this can also dig on your scalp. Hairs always tangle when you sleep no matter how smooth and silky it is. It would be very difficult and damaging to your natural hairs and clip-ins if they were to get tangled. Sleeping with clip-in extensions on can cause traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by the pulling of hair. It is important to take very good care not only of your clip on hair extensions but also of your natural hair and scalp. Hair extensions are clipped on to your natural hair. If your natural hair is weak and brittle, the weight of the extensions can cause breakage. It is correct that extensions are designed to thicken or lengthen hair, but if hair is too thin and wispy, it won't be able to hide the clips and they will also be more prone to breakage. That is why we advise you to keep your natural hair as well as your scalp healthy. Unhealthy and weak hair and scalp are at high risk for traction alopecia. This is hair loss caused by trauma to the scalp from the pulling of hair.