Brazilian Curly
(The Copacabana Curly ) Bundle Deals

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The Copacabana Curly defines the phrase ” Curls for the girls “! This curl pattern is absolutely beautiful and is extremely rare to find! It can be straightened, curled, dyed and it will always go back to its natural curl pattern. If you have naturally curly hair, make no mistake this hair is perfect for you!
  • • 100% Virgin Brazilian Hair
  • • Each bundle is 3.5 to 4 ounces in weight
  • • Your hair will last a year or more with proper care
  • • Completely natural and untouched
  • • No shedding, tangling, or chemical smells
  • • Double wefted
  • • Each bundle is Natural Brown in color
  • • This hair is textured
  • • The curl pattern will vary from very curly to extremely curly depending on the donor
*The Copacabana Curly can be colored, straightened, or styled easily *Depending on the fullness desired 2-3 bundles are required to complete a full head with a natural part. ( We always recommend 3 bundles ) *If your order includes lengths 26” or longer we suggest purchasing 4 bundles. * 30+ Inches can be special ordered